EMBRACE Enrichment Centre

Johor Bahru



EMBRACE integrates the successful education system from UK into the Malaysia environment. We take into full consideration of the short 15-20 minutes attention span of the child. Our programs are designed to suit that and activities are changed every 20 - 30 minutes. English Language will be our primary language.

We not only cater for special needs children, but treat every child as equal. Each child that comes to us will have an individual plan, regardless of their condition. It can be to provide them with extra guidance concentrating and behaviour wise, including coordination between eyes and movements i.e. fine motor skills. 

EMBRACE also believes in the importance of family in helping the child. We seek collaboration between caregivers and our team to see that the child has a balanced help. Help provided can be as easy as providing 15 - 20 minutes of undivided attention to the child every night. 

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